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Workflow Manager and Production Mapping

09-16-2013 07:56 AM
Occasional Contributor II
I'm trying to get the default map for a Workflow Manager job to be the same map that is checked out of a product library so that when WMX launches ArcMap it will automatically open the product, rather than its own job MXD. I can't figure out how to make this integration work since the job always wants to use its own map. Is it possible to make these two extensions work together?

P.S. It would also be nice if I could define a job's AoI using a class template from the Product Library.
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Esri Contributor
The functionality you are asking for is available using the Production Mapping custom steps -

To use the custom steps you must install both Workflow Manager and Production Mapping then run the ProductionCustomStepsPostInstall.exe -  This executable only needs to be run once on the Workflow Manager database to add some tables.

Once you have done these steps, in Workflow Manager Administrator you will see Production Mapping custom steps when you define a step type.  The Identify Product step allows you to choose which product in the product library will be used for the job.  This custom step includes the option to replace the job AOI with the extent of the product.

Once you have linked a product to the job using the Identify Product step and checked it out of product library using the Check Out step, you can then have ArcMap automatically launch the mxd.  The trick to doing this is to use the Alternate MXD option in the Launch ArcMap step.  This help topic explains the parameters you need to use in order to set up the Launch ArcMap step.
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