WMX flex viewer

02-11-2013 09:28 AM
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WMX flex viewer asks for login.  what should  user name is?  I tried my pc login and others.  None of them went through.

Also can I send a url from a desktop wmx step to excute a task (either rest or soap)?

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When you setup the Flex Viewer you had to setup the config.xml to point to a number of different services. One of these was the  Workflow Manager Service <workflowService>.  Use ArcCatalog to connect to the Workflow Manager Server and add a Workflow Manager Server Object. This object will include the location of the .jtc connection file used on the server. This will tell the application what the database is how to connect to it and subsequently the JTX_Users table found in that database will potentially allow you to connect to the database.

I hope that makes sense. It was a while ago that I set things up.

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