WMX Flex Viewer not returning Workflow

09-02-2012 04:40 PM
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We have a fairly sizable workflow for a particular job.
When clicking on the workflow button in the flex web client the workflow image never loads. I can see the server generating it and retuning the png, but this is never displayed in the client app. Is there a max size to the image?
Using the 10 SP3 viewer.

EDIT: Same behaviour with 10.1 client - I can see the image being generated by the server (Fiddler2) but it never gets displayed in the flex client. Timeout issue?
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Can you verify if the image is coming back from the server?
Try the url,
10.0 - http://<server instance>/wmrest/services/<service>/WMServer/jobs/<job id>/workflow?f=image

10.1 - http://<server instance>/arcgis/rest/services/<service>/WMServer/jobs/<job id>/workflow?f=image

substitute your server instance, service and job id in the url above. If an image is returned then it is verified the server is returning the image, and the issue is with Flex Viewer.
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