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WMX 'Export Job to File' not working

06-11-2013 06:30 AM
Occasional Contributor III
I have just upgraded to Workflow Manager 10.1  I am trying to test out the new "Export Job to File" function as a way to archive old jobs that no longer need to be in our system every day.  However, when i select a job from a query and then right click on it, the "export job to file" option is greyed out.  Is there something I have to do after upgrading to 10.1 to enable this option?  I have every security privilege.

Thank you
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by Anonymous User
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Hi Rudin,

In 10.1 we created a new privilege for Exporting a Job to File called Export Jobs. If you did not choose to merge the new Minimum config during post-install then you may not have it, and would be seeing the problem that you are.

Please check your privileges first for ExportJobs and if it isn't there please rerun the post-install.

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