Notification when Job is deleted

03-14-2013 06:10 AM
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Has anyone implemented a notification when a job is deleted? We (main GIS group) would like to know when a job is deleted, and for some reason I have a Job Notification called JobDeleted in my database, but after checking the help it appears it is not listed in the list of default Job Notifications.

Any ideas on how I might carry this out?

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Any luck? I was looking to accomplish the same task. Reading the help documentation, it doesn't appear possible 'out-of-the-box', but I'm still holding out hope.
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by Anonymous User
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Hi Alison and Daniel,

Unfortunately there is nothing out of the box in Workflow Manager that provides this functionality. Based on your suggestions however we have added it as a feature into our product backlog for a future release.

Our suggestion would be to write a Delete Job custom step and tie a notification to it, so long as it was deleting other jobs than itself it would be a short term work around.

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