What Process are you using to migrate your jobs from one environment to another?

07-30-2020 12:54 PM
by Anonymous User
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I am looking to see what others are doing when migrating jobs from one environment another when using Workflow Manager (Classic). Are you Importing and Exporting the entire configuration, or using Workflow Manager Packages or connecting to both databases and using the Send to option?

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Esri Contributor

Hello Heather,

Here are the differences in sharing Workflow Manager Package, Export/import configuration and Export/import Job data.

1. Workflow manager package is being used to share workflow manager elements including Job Types, Workflows, and Step Types. It does NOT contain job data from the workflow manager repository.

2. Export/import Configuration - The exported .jxl file contains all the configuration from the workflow manager repository but does NOT contain job data.

3. Export/import Job Data Geoprocessing tool - The exported .jxl file contains all the configuration information for the repository as well as information about all the jobs. 

So if you would like to migrate your job data, you will need to use the Export/import Job Data Geoprocessing tool and they can be accessed in Pro Geoprocessing Workflow Manager Toolbox or ArcCatalog Workflow Manager Toolbox.

Hope it help.



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