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WFM Server and "Send Web Request" step

03-30-2022 03:32 AM
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I am using the WFM 10.9.1 server and I would like to change the content of a feature service using the "Send Web Request" step.

I have configured the step with the URL for updating by post request as shown below (url = "https://XXXXXXXXX/srvf/rest/services/WS_DAPHNE/JOB/FeatureServer/0/updateFeatures")


I have set up authentication using user and password


and finally I set the message body as Json.



By executing the JOB and passing the step, nothing happens: it does not update the content of the feature, and there is no message (server side) indicating something not correct.
What am I doing wrong?





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Hello Gianmaria,

Thank you for reaching out with this issue.  One possibility is that the request is failing due to the authorization method.  You can try authenticating your request with an access token using the generateToken endpoint.  This is the most common authorization method when working with the ArcGIS REST API.

It's also possible that error messages are being thrown at a higher log level than what you are currently querying.  Do any error messages appear if you raise your log level to verbose or debug?



Robert Smith  


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Hi @GianmariaPandolfi ,


Were you able to fix this issue? I am facing similar issue



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