Validation issue for a custom step in Workflow Manager

07-10-2019 05:55 AM
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I've created a custom step in Workflow Manager Administrator. The custom step is executing JTXSteps.ExeucuteGPTool, like so:

The arguments are:

/toolboxpath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\MaritimeCharting\Desktop10.6\ArcToolbox\Toolboxes\Nautical Tools.tbx"

/tool:ExportGeodatabaseToS57 (this is the only one required)

When I press the Validate Arguments Names button, I get this

Even if I only use the /tool argument. If I instead of the JTXSteps.ExecuteGPTool use the JTXDesktopSteps.LaunchGPTool, like so:

And press the validate-button, I get

Anyone experienced this? I can't get the step to run if I use the ExecuteGPTool, and I don't want the GP Tool dialogue to show, so the LaunchGPTool is not an option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Try configuring with the launch tool to get it all right, then switch it back to execute.  

This is what I do, because I get that error as well.

Hope it helps.