no connection, current user is not an administrator

04-18-2013 02:47 AM
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We have installed a new system with Oracle 11.2. , ArcSDE 10.1.
On a PC we have Workflow Manager 10.1 installed.
The postinstall run successfully and connect to the database via "Workflow Manager Administrator" works.
Then I have the . jtc file is copied to an other admin PC with "Workflow Manager 10.1".
When connect to the database via "Workflow Manager Administrator", i get the following error at the same USER login.

"Current user is not an administrator on the database. Please contact your administartor"

Where is the administrator of the database? Where is that configured?
The same connection information server / database / user / password.

You have an idea?
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This means the currently logged-in windows user must be the administrator on the database. i.e. The logged-in user must have been added to the WFM database and 'Administrator' check-box must have been ticked while creating the user. By default, the post installation user is the administrator.

If some users exist in the database but no user is set as administrator, then you can do this by connecting to the underlying database. In 'JTX_USERS' table in the database, set 'IsAdmin' column value to 1 against the user to make him an administrator.

Please note that windows logged-in user name should exactly match with that mentioned in the JTX_USERS table.

Hope this helps.
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Hello Thaviti,

thanks for the information.
After this solution I was looking for.   

Regards Roland
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