Link between the JOB-ID and the edited feature in the production database

06-28-2021 02:04 AM
by Anonymous User
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WMX offers the functionality of tracking the workflow for data updates and storing any related source information for the job. When maintaining data in a multiuser database that is used in large production systems, it is important to be able to assess the lineage of data changes and related source information at any time. A couple of examples of where it is necessary/useful are:

  • when conficts are detected during reconcile, the user needs to assess the conficting updates to data and knowing the job id associated to the edits is a great benefit during the investigation.
  • In a nautical chart production system, the producing agency is liable for nautical chart product correctness and recentness. In case of accidents at sea, the producing agency must document that the version of the nautical chart available during the accident was up to date and contained correct navigational information. For this type of investigation, it would be very beneficial to be able to see the associated WMX jobs, when inspecting feature lineage with the ArcGIS archiving tools.

When inspecting the archive tables, it is not possible to see which job is associated to a particular feature update. The desired WMX functionality is documented in the online documentation ( , but it doesn't seem like it is working as documented. Are these tools still supported in Workflow Manager (Classic) and will they be migrated to ArcGIS Pro?


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Hi @Anonymous User 

The geodatabase archiving tools in Workflow Manager Classic should be working as expected (and documented). Can you provide some more details around what you are expecting to see vs. what you are seeing? It's a little unclear if you're using the Inspect Historical Data tool or looking directly at the archive tables and what your workflow is.



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Hi @JFarmer ,

Thank you for your quick response! What the user experienced was that not all data updates would be available when assessing them with Inspect Historical Data tool. Now, the workflow got upgraded, so that the edits are reconciled and posted automatically using a custom step that calls the post function. Since this upgrade, the Load Historical Data tool is not finding any updates at all. I'm suspecting that it is because the user is not using the standard Post command from the Versioning toolbar or the Post command on the Workflow Manager toolbar in ArcMap. This leads me to a couple of questions:

  1. Is it a prerequisite that the edits are posted in one of the previously mentioned ways? Or would the WMX historical data tools work if the edits are posted with:
  2. Where is the reference between job id and the associated database transaction stored? Is there a table in the WMX repository or is it stored some other place?




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