Implementing Workflow Manager Tool

03-30-2021 12:50 PM
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So my team is currently using Microsoft Access to track our work we are trying to get away from using Microsoft Access. We want to implement Workflow Manager Tool. What would be the best way to get our historical data in Microsoft Access transferred over into Workflow Manager? Is this possible? 

Any info or feedback would be appreciated!



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There is a way that you can look into bringing over your historical data. A from scratch setup of Workflow Manager Server ideally has a decent amount of time spent designing and brainstorming before beginning the actual configuration work. Things like what types of work do I need to manage, who are my users, what and where is my data, etc.

In this case, there would be some additional considerations to ensure your historical data can be brought into the product. The technical process would be something like this:

  • Defining job templates for each type of work that you need to bring over. The job template defines the types of jobs that can be created. It could be something like a parcel editing workflow or a submission and approval workflow.
  • Adding extended properties tables into each job template that matches the Access data you want to migrate over.
  • Using the Python API to create a script which creates a job of each type needed (based on the job templates setup) and brings over the information from your Access database.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Workflow Manager Server but here is the documentation which should be a good starting point and a link to a Getting Started YouTube video as well.

An Introduction to ArcGIS Workflow Manager

Getting Started

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have questions.


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This is helpful. Thank you!

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