creating a selection between two layers

04-16-2021 03:03 AM
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I am using (ArcPro- Desktop) Task to make a dynamic tool for copying attributes.

I have two layer: Streets and Electric pylons, in 1:n relation with a common field (ID). I want to use the task like this:

Select a street (select by rectangle)

and after automatic selection for the Electric pylons, where Streets.ID = ElecticPylones.ID

How can I refer to the two different layers?  I also saved the ID as a value (ic_streets) but I cannot to refer it in the sql tab. Have you any suggestion

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I have a couple of questions that I think will help narrow down exactly what your goal is here.

  • Are you using Workflow Manager Classic or the service driven architecture?
  • I'm a little confused on where you are having trouble referring to the two layers. Are you specifically working in ArcGIS Pro setting up the task at this point or are you working in Workflow Manager when you are trying to refer to the two layers?

It may help to add some screen shots if possible or some more details on your workflow. If the issue is specific to tasks in ArcGIS Pro, I can direct you to a good place to ask this question so you'll get the best response. If the issue is more on the Workflow Manager side, you're in the right spot, we'll just need some more information.



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