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Executing steps assigned to my group

12-12-2011 11:07 PM
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Dear Support,

We are creating a workflow for one of our projects in which we need to assign a step of the wrokflow to a group (say Managers group). We create a job in which steps will be assigned to different groups. When I login (my Windows account is administrator) to ArcGIS Workflow Manager's desktop client, with an account that belongs to that group, I can see the job (always I can see the job). I can also run steps assigned to the user with which I logged in. My problem is that I cannot run steps assigned to my group. Is it possible to run steps assigned to my groups? Or do I have to assign the steps to users.

Your quick response on this will be highly appreciated (and is badly needed).

Can you also explain the security aspects (authentication of LDAP or DB, privileges assignmnet and permission) of the Wrokflow Manager?

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The groups are basically a collection of users with some common privileges and responsibilities. A member of a certain group can do what the other members can do. However, when a job is assigned to a group it simply means that any member of the assigned group can take ownership of the job.

When you login to your computer you login as your window authenticated user, for example allawe85. When you open Workflow manager, we get that login name and connect to the Workflow Manager system tables to look at the JTX_Users table to make sure that user is a valid Workflow Manager user. Once this is confirmed we go ahead and open the application.
There are 2 different security models in workflow manager �?? all users connect as one database user; every user connects as different database/window authenticated user.

You can grant the proper privileges to the system tables as needed to these users that you configure workflow manager with. This will ensure that you can edit the jobs when you are in the application.

See the attached image, it might give you a clearer view of the security model.

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