Evaluate Data Quality step causing Schema lock

08-30-2022 07:34 AM
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Hi All,

ArcGIS enterprise version: 10.9.1 & ArcGIS Pro V 3.0

We have created a workflow diagram to meet the following requirements.

1) Create Version

2) Open ArcGIS Pro --> (Done some spatial editing's on the created version)

3) Evaluate Data Quality --> (attribute validation rules are configured on fetureclass)

4) ReconcileVersions --> (Post the changes to "Default Version")


While executing the above flow diagram, getting error while "ReconcileVersions" GP tool and changes are not posted to DEFAULT version.


Observed the following behaviors.

1)  After getting error, if we open the same 'Map' in ArcGIS Pro, getting schema lock error. It releases only after close and re-open ArcGIS Pro.

2) In the above flow diagram, if we exclude the "Evaluate Data Quality" step, "ReconcileVersions" GP tool successfully posted changes to DEFAULT version.

@JFarmer ...Appreciate your help on this please. Thanks.

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Hi @sirishb 

This one is interesting and I'm not entirely sure specific to the Evaluate Data Quality step. That step runs on the server (vs. running in Pro) so the closing and reopening Pro workflow you mention shouldn't have any impact if the step was holding that schema lock. 

This sounds like a good Tech Support case. They can help troubleshoot and try out different workflows to help narrow this down with you. But it would be great if you came back and posted the resolution once it's sorted.