Does the new service based Workflow Manager allow for importing jobs?

02-15-2022 12:57 AM
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We are currently in the very early stages of scoping a transition from Workflow Manager (Classic) to the new service based Workflow Manager and was wondering if the new Workflow Manager currently has the ability to import jobs from a separate disconnected enterprise? and if not, is it on the future product road map? The jobs we would be looking to import would be coming from a separate enterprise install on an adhoc basis. There would be no portal to portal collaboration between these two enterprise installs as they would be completely separate.


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Hi @MJames 

Thanks for the question. We do not currently have a tool or set process to migrate job information from Workflow Manager Classic to the new Workflow Manager Server. It is something that has been discussed but isn't on our near term roadmap. This is mostly for two reasons, the two architectures are completely different from one another which makes a 1-1 migration challenging and we also have viewed this as an opportunity for customers to re-think how they have setup their organizational workflows in the new product.

That being said, it is possible to do this if it's something that you would like. I've outlined the basic steps below but these will need to be customized for your deployment/environment. I’d also recommend a simple test on your end before putting in the effort to do a full scale migration project.


  •   You’ll first need to create a diagram for each classic job type and a corresponding job template in the services driven architecture. This isn’t going to be 1-1 as there is still some functionality from Classic that doesn’t exist in the new architecture.


  •   You then need to create an extended properties table if needed for the job type. This would apply if they had them on the job type in Classic. If not, no need.


  •   You then need to create each job that exists in the classic environment in the services driven architecture.


  •   Lastly, update all the job information in the services driven architecture to reflect the information that exists in Classic for each job.


This will have to be scripted of course. You can use our Python API to do this: You will not be able to carry over the job history so that is something important to consider.

Let me know if you have any questions on any of it. 


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