database cloning and post-cloning configuration steps for WMX

07-22-2013 09:31 AM
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We have a fully functioning production WMX geodatabase, however we would like to use database cloning on a weekly basis to create a QA version of this environment for testing, development and training purposes.

What are the necessary steps we need to run after the database clone to ensure that the QA version and supporting documents are properly configured to work independently of production? We have heard that the same mxds can be used in both production and QA, and will automatically change the database connection depending on the established default geodatabase. However we are having trouble making this work.

Appreciated any pointers you might have.

ArcGIS 10.0 SP5

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Just a bit of further background The way this database is cloned is by doing the following:

1. Using ftp copy all database files from production server to development server. Database files do not include the log files
2. Delete and recreate the control file to point to the Dev instance instead of the prod instance
3. Drop and recreate any database links to point to dev instances
4. Change passwords to those of the dev instance.

To fix the problem we had to do two main things
1. NOT change the passwords on the user logins in the cloned database. Since we use individual database logins in WMX by changing all the user passwords we no longer could use WMX to connect to the cloned database
2. Update the JTX_DATABASES table. There were two fields that had to be updated to make things work properly.

Update JTX_DATABASES set INSTANCE='sde:oracle10g:ABC' where OBJECTID=65;
Update JTX_DATABASES set db_name='ABC_ind_ora10' where OBJECTID=65;

Where ABC is the name of the newly cloned instance.

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