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Cycle through a set of records 'workflow'

01-06-2022 12:37 PM
by Anonymous User
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I have a point feature class of geocoded locations with an attribute containing a sequential ID. We would like to create some kind of workflow, app, etc. for users to update the location of each point using a GNSS receiver in a particular order based on an attribute field. We envision the user 1) selecting a point, 2) GPSing that point, 3) submitting, and then 4) automatically being prompted for the next point based on an incrementing attribute field, 5) repeat steps 2-4.

Is this possible with Workflow Manager? Or maybe Survey123, a geoprocessing service? We're open to any idea.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @Anonymous User 

I've got some questions for you based on what you wrote.

1. Where would this workflow take place? It sounds like this all takes place in the field with a user collecting one point after another in succession.

2. If # 1 is correct, is this part of a larger organizational workflow at all? Or is it simply field data collection that is the problem to solve here?


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by Anonymous User
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1) Yes, this would take place in the field on an iPad. We currently use Collector/Field Maps. We have a couple Web Apps but they aren't used much and their functionality is limited.

2) This workflow will eventually be part of a larger workflow, but currently our main objective is simple field collection.

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