Can the data sources of layers added with "Add Data" from Workflow Manager Administrator toolbar be repointed?

01-19-2017 08:45 PM
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Seeking some assistance on this issue; hopefully my description makes sense.

We have three WFM repositories configured as DEV, UAT & PROD environments and through the course of updates we often need to 'migrate' various MXDs that have had layer changes (symbology/definition queries etc). The spatial database(s) for each WFM repository are separate versioned oracle sdes, each with the same set of dataset schemas.

At the moment, this MXD 'migration' process is rather painful.

In MXDs with changes moving from, for example DEV to UAT, for each layer involved in editing through WFM we have to manually re-add it in using the 'Add Data' button from Workflow Manager Administrator toolbar and then setting-by-setting replicate/reconfigure all the of the required layer properties*.

This process gets extremely time consuming, and also introduces unwanted variations or errors as settings buried deep in layer properties can get missed and often this process also means re-creating any legends.

I've tried all manner of tools/arcpy functions to programmatically change/set the datasource properties for the layers in question to the particular WFM repository/spatial database required. I've looked at creating sde files from other layers, pointing to other .sde or even .jtc files; but can't seem to get it working such that the connection is valid and the layer/data version changes in WFM jobs. The actual temporary wfm sde connection file that gets created in using the WFM 'AddData' button also seems to be 'invisible' if I try to connect to it using python.

Would dearly love to automate this datasource remapping process - any advice appreciated! 

NB we are using WFM 10.2 (build 3096) & ArcGIS Desktop

*So that in WFM jobs the version gets swapped from default to job version

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We actually repoint layers by their name not their datasource, so so long as there names aren't changing they will be changed to the appropriate job version when the map is opened.

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