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Automating Create Job tool

12-17-2013 11:44 AM
New Contributor III
Hi -
I've written a script that automates the Create Job tool from the Workflow Manager Administration Utilities toolbox (downloadable from ArcGIS Resources:  It simply imports the toolbox, and sends parameters to the CreateJob tool.

This script is started from Windows Task Scheduler, and works in 10.0.  The toolbox is not available in 10.1 version, however, we have recompiled it against the 10.1 library and the tools (when run in ArcCatalog) work fine.  The script also works when running within ArcCatalog.  However, running the script through the task scheduler (or command prompt), I receive:

ERROR: Failed to execute. Parameters are not valid.
ERROR 000584: Implementation of this Tool's Validate is invalid.

Has anyone else successfully leveraged the Create Job tool with a python script and task scheduler in 10.1?
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Esri Contributor
Hi Courtney,

Sorry for such a late reply.  I don't have a 10.1 machine readily available, but I downloaded the latest version of the tools, installed them as-is to 10.2.1, and ran a test like what I believe you're describing.  In both a cmd prompt and as a scheduled task, the script ran and created a job.

My database was SQL Express, and I was using the Workflow Manager quick start configuration available through the post-install.  The "main()" function of my script was as follows (I essentially just swapped the code below with the main() function in the "" from the tools' Documentation folder):

def main():
    # Get any necessary licenses before importing the toolbox
    checkOutLicenses("", ["JTX"])

    # Import the Workflow Manager toolbox
    wmxToolbox = getWorkflowManagerToolboxLocation()
    arcpy.ImportToolbox(wmxToolbox, "WMXAdminUtils")

        "Data Edits",

Some things to check would be:

  1. Download the latest version of the tools if you haven't already; I *think* they should build against 10.1 as-is.

  2. The permissions of the scheduled task user: make sure this user has an entry in the Workflow Manager database and is a member of a group with permissions to create new jobs.

  3. Ensure that the default Workflow Manager database is set for the scheduled task user.

  4. (Kind of a long shot) Try launching ArcCatalog as the scheduled task user and ensure that the "Workflow Manager" extension is enabled.

Anyway, if you're still having this issue, I hope this helps.

Brian D.
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