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05-26-2013 12:30 AM
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We have published the Workflow Manager Service following the instructions provided in Workflow Manager help. The service is up and running and we could consume the service in ArcGIS Javasrcipt web application. Now, we need to create an SOE (Server Object Extension) on the Workflow Manager Service ( WMX / JTX Service).
Example Rest URL for WMX service is "http://localhost:6080/arcgis/rest/services/JTX/TestWorkflowManagerService/WMServer"
Observing the end of the URL, we can find that type of the WMX Service is 'WMServer', similar to 'MapServer' for 'MapService'.

We have created SOE in 10.1 for the WMX Service using the following attribute and successfully enabled this SOE capability on WMX Service.

        Description="Insert SOE Description here",

In case of MapService, the following code is used at the beginning and remaining logic is based on IMapServer3 object.

IMapServer3 mapServer = (IMapServer3)serverObjectHelper.ServerObject;

Similar to the above, there should be a WMX Server Object. We found that IJTXServer interface is provided in the OMD diagram for Workflow Manager. But could not find the assembly to which IJTXServer belong to so that the below code may be used for WMXService.

IJTXServer jtxServer = (IJTXServer)serverObjectHelper.ServerObject;

I strongly believe that above statement should work. But need to locate the assembly/dll in which IJTXServer interface is declared. Can somebody point me an assembly/dll in which IJTXServer interface is declared?

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

Can somebody help on SOE for Workflow Manager Service at the following path

Can somebody help on SOE for Workflow Manager Service at the following path
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I don't know anything about workflow manager but I do have plain ArcGIS Desktop and Server installed and I cannot find any JTX related assemblies on my system.

My best guess is that the assembly you are looking for is installed with the workflow product itself.  Search your system:

cd C:\
dir/s *jtx*.dll

My guess is that it will be on your system in 2 places.  One of the places will be the GAC.  If it is only in the GAC then copy it out so that you can easily add a reference to it.
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I'm not sure on WMX but for now SOEs are primarily designed for extending map services
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