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WebApp Builder 2.3 - Restrict feature action options

03-28-2017 09:46 AM
New Contributor

Is there a way to restrict the feature action options in WebApp builder?

WebApp Builder 2.3 enables widgets to cross-interact with each other using feature actions.  For example - the default pop-up  can be used to set a feature as input to geoprocessing widgets;  the "SELECT" widget also gives the option to use selection as input to geoprocessing tools.

I have three geoprocessing widgets in my application and they all appear as feature action options in the  pop-up and SELECT widget options. I want to ideally be able to either disable any geoprocessing tool of choice or disable all of them.

I tried deleting the feature action setting in the app config.json but no success. I have also taken a look at the FeatureActionManager.js and BaseFeatureAction.js file (located in the jimu.js folder) but no luck.

Any suggestions/pointer will be appreciated.



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Hi Offie,

Have you found a solution for that so far? I am also trying to remove a few feature actions in the query result, come of which appear twice (see in the photo attached). 

I look in the same files as you (FeatureActionManager.js and BaseFeatureAction.js file) but no luck.

Let me know what you have found.




PS: The enhaced search widget from Robert Scheitlin, GISP‌ does not have this issue:


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