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Web Mapping Application - Time Slider Widget is NOT updating its time series for NEW data. HELP!

05-22-2024 03:32 PM
New Contributor III

I am having problems with my web app time slider widget NOT updating its time slider to include new data.

My setup:
I have a feature layer which gets daily time series data sent to it from various in field sensors. 

This feature layer is connected to a web map, which has the following data (as can be seen it has todays data)



When I view the layer with the time slider in my web mapping application this is what I can see:

As can be seen, the data from the 22nd is not displayed. But does exist. 

When I edit my web mapping applications time slider widget this is what I can see. 


When I open the widget I guess it automatically calculates the max time, but this doesn't apply to the actual web mapping application without me opening the widget, and pressing ok, and saving the web mapping application again.

This should be automated. Why or how can I make this update automatically without me having to manually go into the web mapping application every day to do this?


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Does anyone have an input to this?

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