Web Appbuilding widgets-manifest.json Canceled in iFrame Div

03-31-2021 03:38 AM
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We use a Web Appbuilder application in a iframe at another domin over https.

Arcgis Enterprise 10.8.1

Webpage domain (example) = https://my.webpagedomain.com

Arcis Enterprise domian (example) = https://my.geodomain.com/portal



<iframe src="https://my.geodomain.com/portal/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3f1201a93e014ccfb2b0a2169d7d7f3f" height="400px" width="50%">




i added allow origin "https://my.webpagedomain.com" to security tab in Portal.


Whn Try to open web page on concole "jimu.js init..." repeating and  on network tab "...portal/apps/webappviewer/widgets/widgets-manifest.json?wab_dv=2.16" status seen "cancaled".

So loading web app never finish.


How can we fix his issue?

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