WAB 3D Layer List Issues

07-19-2018 09:37 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi. I've noticed that the layer list configuration for naming and ordering in my AGO web scene is not correctly being pushed to Web App Builder (WAB) 3D. Everything looks fine in the web scene, then in the WAB editing session and actual WAB 3D app, the layer list is incorrect.

The easiest way to explain it so far is the top layer in web scene gets pushed to bottom of layer list and usually does not show. Anyone encounter this? Any workarounds? I've only noticed this in the last month or so. Thanks.

Image from Web Scene 

Image from WAB 3D (edit application and final application)

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I started having this exact issue recently as well.  If my 3D Scene has more than say 4-5 layers it does not load properly in the 3D Web App.  

More specifically, if it is a new browser session, it will usually load the first time with all the layers showing.  Then on refresh, it will move the top layer to the bottom and name it "untitled layer" as you state.  In addition there is no way to turn off the layer.  If I open a new browser session or go "incognito" in chrome, the issue will go away until I reload the page again.  So it appears related to the browser cache. 

Looking for some input on how or why this is happening.

For the time being I have to put a "blank" layer at the top so that all the layers I want to interact with are still present when it changes to untitled layer. 

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I'm having an issue with the 3d layer list - when I have 5 layers in the scene it only displays 4. The layer list widget appears to be dropping the top layer in the list. I also have to put a blank layer (using a layer group for this) at the top. This is on ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1

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by Anonymous User
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I think this has been corrected in AGO but has yet been corrected in Enterprise. Fingers crosses next release will fix this. In the meantime, you just have to add a meaningless layer on top and let that be the one that gets dropped.