Time issues using Web App Builder

10-17-2019 06:40 AM
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We have a situation where the web map shows the features filtered properly by their date but the app is showing a feature that should have dropped off yesterday.  On the web map I have the features filtered by the EndDate "not within the last five years".  Worked great until we turned the time of day on in the date field and now that the users want that level of detail, they want it to drop off the map at 4 PM, not sometime the next day.

But what's most confusing though is that the web map shows the features appropriately, but the web app doesn't and I had always thought that the app would show whatever the map does.

I have these same pairs of map/app with editing turned on and that combo work fine.  The public version is a view on the editable version.  

Is there a time zone issue perhaps, and how do I change it after the fact if so?  Or is something else going on here?  Map and app are public, so here's those:


ArcGIS Web Application 

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