Source control of WebAppBuilder Apps

03-05-2019 05:47 AM
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I have looked into generator-esri-appbuilder-js and this works great for custom widgets and themes. With the grunt file I would be able to keep my development environment up to date. But there is one approach I can't see being solved by this practice.

Here is my scenario:

We work in a team of developers, we use WebAppBuilder developer Edition. Each developer has their own local node.js server running the WebAppBuilder application. Now, lets say we have set up a webapp with a a lot of out of the box widgets, and added our own widgets. This is done by one developer, how will we be able to reflect these changes and configuration in the webappbuilder application for the co-workers on the project when the grunt file only synchronize custom widgets. How do we keep the actual application configuration in source control? We've tried to great an app folder outside the WebAppBuilder, but how do we reflect the changes to the app, back to the Server/2 application?

Do any one have any good pattern for handling this?

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Great question.I'd be very interested in hearing about other teams' scenarios setup for WAB development, source/version control, and deployment strategies, especially where you're going Dev=>Test=>Production.

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