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Situation Awareness Widget - Use feature layer as incident

07-13-2017 09:04 PM
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Is it possible to leverage a layer in the situation awareness widget to represent the incident.  For example, I want to use the forecasted hurricane locations as my incident to find nearby locations that might be impacted.   Right now, I can only locate the incident manually.

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Hi ! Thanks for your question --- 

Yes, this is possible through the feature's pop up. From the forecasted location point on the map, click the ellipses (...) to expand the Feature Action list.  From here, click "Set Location" to use that feature's geometry as the input for the Situation Awareness widget.

Here's a screenshot of what that looks like --

Situation Awareness widget - Set Location Feature Action

Note that the Set Location feature action is available whether the Situation Awareness widget is open or not, so it can be used in various points of your workflow. 

If you'd like to use multiple forecasted locations, you can do this with the Add/Remove location action.  Once an initial location is defined, this additional feature action becomes available -- 

Situation Awareness widget - Add/Remove Location Feature Action

Let me know if this address your question -- 


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Thanks that does answer my question. It also could let me select it as in input into some of my GP tool widgets which is a nice benefit as well. If I select multi features using that option, it appears as though the list of locations within the polygon/buffer is provided by it does not differentiate which incident(s) it is impacted by. Is that correct?



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Hi Todd -- That's correct. If you add multiple locations into your incident, the widget does not differentiate the analysis results between the incidents.  

Depending on what your needs are, you could run the widget multiple times and then download lists or reports from the widget summarizing the information for each location.