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Situation Awareness - Error Drawing Maps in Report

02-19-2021 02:10 PM
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by Anonymous User
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Having issues with the report function of situation awareness. The report has all the report summaries and asset attributes captured within the drawn polygon, but the map with the polygon is receiving an error. Not sure if it's my underlying map, a function of the widget or maybe even something in my browser cache that's producing the error.

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Esri Contributor

@Anonymous User , I have seen this error before when the printing service it's self isn't working.

Double check the print service which is configured with the widget to see if it works with the same datasets.

You can also have a look in the ArcGIS Server Log files to see if there are any error messages which are logged when creating the report. This will help you narrow down where the issue could be.

Shelley Schott
Senior Consultant, Esri Australia
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