Screening widget export to csv adds 'No Data' text to blank cells.

03-01-2021 06:36 AM
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I am trying to deploy the screening widget, and it works well, except for one thing. Blank values get converted to the text 'No Data'. This makes the output unusable, because 'No Data' is not a recognized value in the program I am using the table in. Blank is fine, but 'No Data' will throw errors.

Export to CSV from an attribute table or from the Select widget does not do this, but I am trying to use the functionality of the screening widget.

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor



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@RandyMcGregor3 , the 'no data' attribute value in the .csv is a fix from a reported bug: BUG-000114642

The workaround would be to do post-processing of the .csv file after the download to remove the 'no data' values.

Shelley Schott
Senior Consultant, Esri Australia
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