Rename "Zoom to" on default popup window

03-15-2022 12:15 PM
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I am using Web AppBuilder Developer with JS 3x API

I would need to rename 'Zoom to' link on the default popup window to a different language.

I can remove the link altogether by removing the action on the popup.

However I can't seem to find a way to rename the link. Any suggestions ?

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So you just need to rename that text only? I ask because it looks like it is in the NLS settings so changing browser language should change that as well.

layerInfosMenu: {
titleBasemap: "Basemaps",
titleLayers: "Operational layers",
labelLayer: "Layer name",
itemZoomTo: "Zoom to",
itemTransparency: "Transparency",
itemTransparent: "Transparent",
itemOpaque: "Opaque",
itemMoveUp: "Move up",
itemMoveDown: "Move down",
itemDesc: "Description",
itemDownload: "Download",
itemToAttributeTable: "View in Attribute Table"

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Hi @BrianLeroux , 

Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried this, but it doesn't work. There are few other places with "Zoom to" string. I have tried to modify each, but none seem to work.

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