How to Put Interactive Maps into One Web App

02-24-2022 08:59 AM
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I have created a Web App for one of my maps that is interactive with a hover over, being able to check on and off layers, descriptive statistics etc. This map is for just one station out of over 100 stations that I will have to do. Is there any way to be able to have this interactive map (along with all the others that I will create) put into one web app where the user can look for the specific station number and be able to toggle on and off layers, find directions and such.

I know there is Story Maps where you can put multiple web maps into one app but those maps are static and I need the user to be able to control which layers they are seeing as well as getting driving directions and statistical info. 

Another method I was thinking of would be having a website where you can search for the station and the web app will be embedded there but it would be really helpful to have all of these maps in one app. 

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I would recommend the Classic Story Map using the template called Map Series.  You can create tabs or bullets across the top and on each tab/bullet you can embed one of your interactive maps.

Here is an example where each tab has interactivity with the ability to toggle on/off layers.

You basically create a web app for each interactive map and then embed the url for the web app on each tab of the story map series.


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