Related Records functionality in WAB 2.8

05-31-2018 08:55 PM
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Has anyone experienced any issues with related records functionality in WAB 2.8 using out of the box widgets ? I am trying open an attribute table of the layer having related tables. Once I chose a record/feature in attribute table, 'View Related records' functionality does not seem to work.

I tried same functionality in v2.7 and it seems to be working fine. 

Just wanted to check if anyone is having the same problem.

Thank you,

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I am experiencing the same issue with related records functionality in WAB 2.8. It is showing the related tabs with no data. 

In the _resourceManager.js 'getRelationTable function is getting the layerInfoId from the property. 

var layerInfoId = lang.getObject('', false, currentShip);

and its giving "no activeLayerInfo!" error in _getQueryTableInfo function because the tabId is undefined.

Thank you!

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I have also noticed that the 'Show Related Records' button has recently not been working. Others have noticed it too: 

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