Query from URL parameters not working

09-20-2021 02:24 PM
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Hello.  I am trying to finish up the "polishing" of a new parcel viewer application.  Before I deploy, I must get the query working from the command line.  For example:


This query works, sort of.  It does find and zoom to the parcel, and it opens up a custom pop up.  The pop-up has a few things that work, but not everything.  Notice the title does display the parcel ID.  Notice also that if you scroll down, there are two custom attributes that work, both of the links to external pages that are created using feature class attributes, but all of the other attributes are blank.

This same popup works fine when using the identify function.  You can see this by closing the popup and then just clicking the same parcel.  Also the pop-up works when using the query from the left most widget near the navigation bar.

I need someone to point me towards some troubleshooting methods so I can get this working.


Matt Syvertson

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