Parcel Drafter Tool arc/part of a circle closing bug

09-16-2021 12:13 PM
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Here is my version of the Web App Builder with Parcel Drafter Tool.



I am adding a legal description highlighted between the Green highlights:




In the below image I have added the calls for the Legal Description.  Graphically it closes, (and adding it in ArcGIS Pro using the Traverse tools,  it also closes). But I have highlighted in the image below that the Drafter tool indicates that the Misclose distance is 39.49 feet at an angle of N 0-00-00E.  The legal description does not contain specific information about the arc’s Chord bearing and so those details have been calculated using *tb and assuming tangent bearing from the previous line.  And it does seem to match our existing parcels as shown in Orange. 

To allow the Parcel Drafter tool to close and create the purple polygon as shown below, I have configured the app to allow very large closing error/misclose ratios. 




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and to be clear, the misclose distance in Pro is 0.01 feet, and graphically it looks like it closes too within the Parcel Drafter tool. 

Anyway I guess I wonder if the error displayed in the tool is a bug of some kind. 

I have tried to build the polygon with a chord-bearing/distance instead of the curve in this description.  And that seems to close properly.  Other practice descriptions close when curves or arcs are not included. 

Thanks for any and all insight.


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