Q4 Where's the WAB release?

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12-07-2014 02:51 PM
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Hey ESRI - It is the 4th Quarter already and there is still no Web AppBuilder / 10.3 release.

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Frank, did you see today's announcement ?  (not GitHub, but the dev edition for download)

The full release is out!! You can download the release here.

  Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS Blog

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  Here is a link:

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS

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just go to this link and download it at the bottom of the page for the developers version.


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The download link says “webappviewer.zip” not Web App BUILDER… any ideas?


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Download it and then in the config file you add all the arcgis online json to it. You do all of the main building on arcgis online then you can do the custom stuff once you download it.

Here is what it says in the config.json file:

//Replace all contents in this file by using the item data of the app in ArcGIS Online.

//The URL pattern to access the item data is:




//Tip: For easily accessing above URLs, you may temporarily share the item as public.

Put the download on your web server and update this file and it should get you started.

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   The link that I and others are posting is the Minified WebAppViewer and NOT the Web AppBuilder Developer version. You can tell this by the fact that the widgets code is minified and that the JIMU.js/dijit folder only has on folder inside of it. I don't have any info on the availability of the Web AppBuilder Developer version release.

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The Web AppBuilder Developer Edition will be released this Wednesday, December 17th. It will be downloadable from the Developer's site (from a new page dedicated to Web AppBuilder). Keep your eye out later this week for a blog that includes more details on the release and also a notification for the Web AppBuilder beta community.

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Anyway to get it from github? All I see is promises been searching like crazy for it, even though I could not sign up during the beta tester window.  I played around with the webappviewer.zip, no luck....guess now I have to install portal 10.3--dont really want it, just want web app builder.

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   You can begin using it right now if you follow the info in this thread:

Re: How can i use the ArcGIS WebApp-Builder

If you want the Developer Version to install on your local machine then you will have to wait until later today when the WAB Developer version is released.

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Yeah I played around with this as well earlier-- I wanted to be able to host it on my own server not AGO-- But on a second note I really appreciate your work Robert with Flex, widgets, and the forums in general.

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