Web AppBuilder Problems with a search query

12-18-2014 07:37 PM
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I created a web map using the web app builder with items hosted from our own arcserver, when I use the following search for corner records nothing happens (see image).


when I perform the same search on a different map using the app builder with feature services I created and hosted with AGOL it works (see link below).  The only difference is I am publishing the data using AGOL versus  publishing it using arcGIS server.

ArcGIS Web Application


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I have noticed similar behavior with the Charts widget. My workaround was to use the developer edition and host the html/css/js files on our own web server. Then the widget worked as expected with our on-premises hosted services. You could register your ArcGIS Server service as a layer in ArcGIS Online, perhaps that is a workaround, too (can't remember if I ever tried that.)

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