Problems with layerlist-widget in deployed application

02-04-2022 02:10 AM
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I've created a web appbuilder application containing several grouped layerlists, one containing all layers, one with all the line-layers and another one with polygon layers. This works fine in web appbuilder and when I deploy the application to my application server. 

I need to use the same application for other clients, so I've created a pythonscript which copies the original application and changes the map itemId in config.json. The layers in the new map used in the new application has the exact same name as the layers as the old map. All of the other widgets (chart, filter and query) works fine for the new application, but not the LayerLists. It seems that there are something wrong with the "display": property in the LayerList config. The layerlist shows layers even if the display-property is set to false. As you can see in the attached picture, the two "red outlined" layers are visible, but the property in the json-file is set to false.

layerlist.JPG layerlist_json.JPG


Does anyone know what might be wrong?

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