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12-19-2018 12:40 PM
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I'm not sure how I've never noticed this before, but it looks like the Print Widget is not able to print the basemaps, which are sourced from Arcgisonline.  All of our other layers will print, just not the online basemaps.

Everything is sourced locally from our internal AGS servers, except for the basemaps.  The printing geoprocess is also on our local AGS server.

The map has no problem displaying the basemap, just unable to print it out.  The AGS server log is as follows:

Error executing tool. Export Web Map Task : Failed to create layer from service at Failed to execute (Export Web Map). Failed to execute (Export Web Map Task).

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it might be because your print service (off your local server) can't access agol servers.

an easy way to find that out is to:

- log on to your local server machine using ArcGIS Server Account (that run all SOC processes)

- open a browser

- and try to access

- if you can't access that, you need to check with your system admin to allow your local server to access agol services.

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I tried that and was able to access the Esri online web map.

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Interesting.  It looks like after I've logged into the server and visited the site, the printing tool now works.  There may be a setting in IE that I need to set if it discontinues to work in the future.