Possible save as WAB bug

01-20-2017 09:23 AM
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So - I seemingly uncovered a bug with the "save as" function when using the WAB (dev-version). The work flow to this issue is as such;

  1. "Create new" WAB 2D app (Name=NewApp, ID=1)
  2. Configure app and add several random widgets
  3. Hit "save as" and give a new name (Name=MyApp, ID=2), close
  4. Delete original app (Name=NewApp, ID=1)
  5. Return to MyApp (ID=2)
  6. All icon links will be broken within MyApp itself and in the widget window
  7. Using FireBug in Firefox and inspecting element (see attachment), it clearly shows an icon reference to ID=1, even though this app is ID=2

Has anyone else experience this issue? I haven't tried it yet, but I'm guessing if I export "MyApp" the links won't work either as the reference will no longer be valid. Anyone have ideas?

Note - in the attachment, the ID's are actually 12 and 13

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   This does sound like a bug. Have you reported it to esri tech support?

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