Overview Map Widget not displaying vector tile layer from basemap in AGO WAB

06-18-2019 07:22 AM
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I am working with Web App Builder in AGO and cannot get the Overview Map widget to display all the layers from the map's basemap.  I have the widget set to display "This map's basemap".  The map's basemap is a combination of a vector tile package (hosted) and a cached map service hillshade layer (from ArcGIS Server).  The overview map widget is only displaying the hillshade layer of the basemap.  The hillshade layer is under the vector tile layer in the basemap.  If I move the hillshade layer above the vector layer and save the map, the overview map widget zooms out to the entire world and does not show the current extent of the map.

Is there a way to have this widget display all the layers from the basemap?

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Also have this concern. My overview map widget is set to basemap, and in this case the basemap is a custom basemap created from a single vector tile service. The widget doesn't seem to like that and is defaulting to ESRI Streets.

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