Web App Builder Dev - Workflow Question

02-22-2021 03:43 PM
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Hello and good afternoon,
We are starting to look into Web App builder-developer] to take advantage of some of the custom widgets that are out there but as I look into it I have some questions about the workflow that I am struggling with, and I am hoping to get some feedback.
So anywho here is my thought process.
Step 1) - configure a web map on AGOL.
Step 2) - save as a web app in AGOL
Step 3) - download web app from AGOL into Web App Builder Developer
Step 4)  - Configure the Web App
Step 5) - Download the Web App, move it to my webserver.
Step 6) - Register the app in AGOL.
Is this correct?
Also, once the web app is registered in AGOL, can it be set up so it's configurable/editable on AGOL or will any changes still have to be done in Web App Builder developer environment?
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