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Only show features based on user session

05-18-2021 11:16 AM
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We have a public facing app for the public to drop points and draw lines. The Feature Services they are editing are public facing. I'm looking for a way to only show points and lines in the map that are created by the user accessing the application at that time. 

For example, user A goes to the map and creates 3 points. User B then goes to the map and does not see any points till he creates their own. Is something like this possible? We are running Enterprise 1061 and can use web appbuilder dev edition. thanks!

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You might be able to use an SOI, but they go way above my head. I've never actually worked with them before.

"Layer-level access control for map services—ArcGIS Server only supports service-level data access; either a user has full access to all service data or the user has no access. A series of SOIs can be implemented to filter access to specific layers or even filter data within a layer based on the user's role."

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