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07-28-2016 06:37 AM
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I wonder if it's possible to have more web maps in one web appbuilder application and switch between them. I have the same data set for all my users but I need to show particular users only a particular part of data set. I would make more web maps with different definiton queries on data but I don't want to build an application for every user. So is any possibility how to have only one application and inside switch between more web maps?

Thanks for answers


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  Take a look at this widget. ArcGIS Online Webmap Switcher Version 1.2 9/29/15

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Hello Robert,

thanks for answer. This widget could be exactly what I was looking for. But I have some problems with implementation. I need to conect this widget to ArcGIS Portal not ArcGIS Online but it shouldn't be problem as I read in documentation to built-in classes. The problem is with connecting to our Portal. In the widget.js I have changed all url adresses to our Portal's url but in conversation in developer tools in browser I still see url adress of default ArcGIS Online site ( and Error: Unable to generate token.  

I searched in every file in widget's folder but I didn't find any other configuration with url adress.

Do you or Daniel Stoelb  know where could be problem?

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Did you change the group id to the one that you are needing?  The specific lines of code to change (for the portal reference) in the widget.js file would be as follows:

lines 35, 51, 123

Other than that, it should work with AGOL.

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Hello Daniel,

when I use url with our ArcGIS Online site and fill id of the group I want to choose web maps from it doesn't work for me. I still have to fill login but my login to AGOL doesn't work.

When I use url with our Portal with even without filling id of the group (on Portal there is no id of group in url there is only owner=***&title=*** so I tried fill "title" to id parameter) it's not nessesary to log in and I can see content on our Portal but not all of it. It looks like I can see only 10 items and only Map Image Layers, Tile Layers and some Web Mapping Application but no Web Maps.

Do you have some suggestions to this behavior?


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