Limit domain values available to the user when editing using Smart Editor

07-15-2021 08:16 AM
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I have a field of type Short and assigned a domain with 5 values.

I want to only show two values to the user when they edit this field so they can choose from these two values only without changing the domain.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you. 

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There is no way to currently do this with Smart Editor, and I can't think of any way to do this right now without changing the domain... hopefully someone else has ideas!

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After some more thought around this I just realized you can set this up by managing the edit templates directly from the web map. 

1. For example, I have a layer with edit templates set against a field with a domain. My domain has 5 values, and these are used as my edit templates for creating new features.


In the web map, click Edit and then click Manage to manage the edit templates.


Here you can select which templates to keep for editing, so for example I will only keep 1 and 5 and then save the changes.



Now when I go to edit features in the web map, I only have 2 options. Save the web map.


And now these 2 options should also be shown in Smart Editor!


Note: the value will still be available in the dropdown, but the defaults will be set to value1 or value5 depending on the templates I selected to create the feature.


Apologies I did not think of this earlier.

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Hello Everyone!

Is this workaround the only solution to limit domain values on smart editor?

If so, does someone know how can i do it using the new webMap?




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Other soltions include contingent values and attribute rules. Both don't work in my scenario, so if anyone has a better idea I'd love to hear. (I need something at the app level, and not the feature class level. There might be a solution using Field maps/forms, but with enterprise 10.9.1 which is what we have - I don't see a solution)