Is it possible to configure the advanced print widget settings without the developer license or enterprise?

01-27-2022 05:04 AM
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I'm created a web app for my client using the custom web app builder.  (I'm actually embedding my app in experience builder since experience builder doesn't offer the print widget)

Anyway, my client will only have an AGOL license with a Creator User type.  Is is possible to change the default "advanced" settings in the printer widget in web app builder?    I know it can be done if you have portal/enterprise or the developer license, but my client has neither of those.  

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Hello.  I would also welcome this functionality.  Am I also correct in thinking I cannot upload my own print templates unless I have my own ArcGIS Server?  I am just using AGOL, but would like to use my own print template with client logo etc.  

I spent a while developing an app in Experience builder before realising there wasn't even a print option!

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