NAIP Basemap Symbology in Web Applications

02-08-2022 06:44 AM
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I created a web application in Enterprise and would like the option for users to change the basemap to Esri's Living Atlas' NDVI imagery. I created a "custom" basemap of the NDVI layer with my AGOL credentials stored, and added it to my web app's basemap widget. For some reason, the NDVI symbology is not applied when I turn on my NDVI basemap in my web application; it reverts back to NAIP true color.

Is this a bug with the web application or has anyone else found a way to retain the NDVI symbology (or any symbology on a Living Atlas layer) within a web application?

Below are the steps I followed:

  1. I copied Esri's Living Atlas' NDVI service URL (which is just the NAIP URL):
  2. In Enterprise, under my content, I went to add a new item from a URL. 
  3. I pasted in the NAIP URL and saved the layer with my AGOL credentials.
  4. I added my NAIP layer to a new web map and changed the symbology to display as NDVI. I saved my layer.
  5. I added my updated NDVI layer to a new web map and set it as the basemap. I saved my web map.
  6. I shared my basemap web map with my basemap group.
  7. In my web application, I added my NDVI basemap web map to my basemap widget. I saved my web app.
  8. When I change my basemap to my NDVI basemap, the basemap reverts back to the NAIP true color symbology.

Checks I've made:

  • I can open my basemap web map and the NDVI symbology is still applied.
  • I can add my NDVI layer to my web application as just a layer to turn on/off. The NDVI symbology is still applied when using it as a layer.

If anyone has any thoughts as to whether or not this is a bug or something I'm doing on my end, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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