How to "display" a <div> larger than the parent widget from within custom WAB widget?

03-29-2022 06:25 PM
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I have been building custom widgets for a few years now and have filled them with buttons, dropdowns, search fields... the usual UI elements. I've put graphs and charts in there, I've used carousel-type slideshows ... but I've managed to cram everything into the same ("main" div) of the custom widget - a widget of whatever default size I've hardcoded.

How do I create more widget real estate by popping up a new panel, window, popup that's larger than my widget... basically a <div> that floats above my widget that extends beyond the limits of the widget and can be filled with content. All my attempts to use CSS positioning and z-indexes have failed. I get my <div> alright. I can style it ad nauseam. But it always lives within the size constraints of the parent.

The best approach I've come up with - which seems like overkill though - is to have another widget that serves as my extra widget real estate and gets called/opened from the originating widget. That works great and may be what I have to do. But is there a simpler way? If you followed my rambling explanation and have any suggestions, I'll be all ears! Thanks.

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I just change the size of the panel. Below I change the left and top margins as well as the width. I call this during the onOpen function but you can use it at any time.

let size = {
		  l: 60,
		  t: 180,
		  w: 570,
		  h: null


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Thanks @BrianLeroux for chiming in. I've changed the default widget size before although not in opOpen().

But I meant would look more like this:


I have my custom widget and via button click or whatever event, I pop open a new div - kinda like a menu that opens from a menu bar.


Pretty simple, I figured.



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