Gray Screen (no Portal map access) after changing Portal URL

03-28-2016 08:50 AM
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After getting a new SSL certificate and changing my Portal URL, I can connect to my new Portal and I found a way to import my apps. However, I cannot see any of my web maps that are coming from Portal - all I get is gray screens, with no explanation. I can see them there and select the icons, but nothing shows on the screen. This is true whether I'm using one of the apps I imported as well as if I create a new one.

Clearly, something is not connecting right or is blocking access or permissions or something. But that's really weird because I'm using a better configuration than I used to (got rid of my buggy alias cert).

What can I check to find out why I'm getting blank gray screens instead of seeing my web map content? I'm using Portal 10.4, WABde 1.3.

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