Feature Download Widget (GPS, GPX-Download)

05-23-2017 01:59 AM
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Feature Download Widget: I have a layer containing alot of hiking paths/trials. What i would like to offer is the possibility to download a selected trial as gpx-File/gps-File or any other file format.  Is there already a widget or some option for realizing this task?

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Thomas,

Have you looked at the Analysis widget? It contains the Extract Data tool which might meet your needs.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Derek,

sorry for the late reply and thanks for your answer. I did not know that the analysis widget contains so many tools. I am working in the public sector within an administration. The only disadvantage of the Extract Data tool, ist the usage of Credits. I think i will include hyperlinks for dl the GPX/GPS Data into the attribute table.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


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