Editor Widget - Can't change title of feature being edited (defaulting to ObjectID)

01-25-2022 08:36 AM
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Hello! I am using ArcGIS Experience Builder to create a web map for users to edit attributes of a layer. I added the Edit (Beta) widget and configured everything to work correctly except for one thing: When I click on a feature to edit, it displays the ObjectID (circled in red below) at the top of the Editor widget. 


 I would like to change this to a field that is more intuitive to the user. I have scoured the editor widget settings and cannot find where to change this. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Possibly this is the popup title configured in the webmap or the data source? 

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Thanks for responding. I have the pop up configured to show a different field in the title so I'm not sure that is it. 

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I'm seeing the exact same behavior. Takes up valuable real estate on mobile screens and provides no useful information to the user.

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